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Switzerland. The name is synonymous with superlative Alpine skiing, wildly expensive watches, and – of course – chocolate! However, in more recent years, this small and stunning central European country has been establishing itself as a must-visit destination for people with a different passion – a passion for mountain biking.

We are based in the idyllic Swiss canton of Valais, in French-Switzerland. (For those of you whose school French is a little rusty, it’s pronounced Va-lay.) The turquoise waters of the Rhone river undulate through the valley, flowing past the front door of cycling’s governing body, the UCI in Aigle, before spilling out into Lake Geneva (Lac Leman to the locals). Vineyards cling to the lower reaches of the mountains that lie on either side of the river (you’ll be sampling their wares soon!) and, above, stretching up to the blue skies (forget all the images you might have in your head of Switzerland blanketed in snow and ice – in Summer, this country has a warm Mediterranean climate that ensures its vineyards flourish and its bikers suntan!) are the Alps themselves.

What better location for some sensational singletrack?

That’s where we come in…

Since the first edition of the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in 1990, Switzerland’s ski resorts, long sleepy during the balmy summer months, have had new life breathed into them. Chairlifts crank back into action and are kept busy transporting mountain bikers and their beloved steeds up to the increasingly popular bike parks. The most dedicated bikers are kept busy with their shovels, sculpting new trails. Most of our holidays begin with a play in Verbier bike park, where you can warm up on some mellow blues and fun reds, before – if you want – braving the blacks or the freeride race track.

But, however much fun there is to be had in the bike park, you’re missing out if you don’t explore all that the Alps have to offer. Our mountain bike holidays offer what we believe is the perfect blend of legendary descents and secret gems.

With the rise of high class Enduro bikes, designed to make cycling uphill as fun (well, nearly!) as cycling downhill, you don’t have to tied to the chairlift. We’ve been out on our bikes in all seasons and all weather since we moved here, searching for secret singletrack above and below the treeline - and now we can’t wait to share all our discoveries with you – whether you’re a seasoned Alpine biker, or a relative newbie to this great sport: we have the trails for you.


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